Registration Information

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Registration due October 29, 2021 (late fee $10 per entry)

Program and Registration Info
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Global Issues Problem Solving Training

Tamera Wright: Affiliate Co-Director; Treasurer
Jill Powlick: Affiliate Co-Director; Evaluation Chair
Elisa Jennings: Teacher outreach; GIPS Specialist; evaluator

Community Problem Solving Training

Patti White: CmPS Coordinator
Sheri Sohm: CmPS Coordinator; Awards Program

Scenario Writing and Scenario Performance Training

Jennifer Flitton: Scenario Coordinator

Register a Free Team? How?

  • Evaluate at least two of PP1, PP2, the Qualifying Problem, and State Bowl packets this year. Please contact Jill Powlick ( for more information, or
  • Recruit a new coach with no previous FPS experience who registers at least one team for this school year.
  • Granite Schools GSD pays registration for up to two entries per teacher.

FPS New Coach Training

New Coaches who want further information, please contact us for in-school or after-school assistance. Training is available on request.