Scenario Writing & Scenario Performance

Scenario Writing and Scenario Performance

Scenario Writing (Individual)

$40.00 per entry

Scenario Writing gives students in grades 4-12 who are interested in creative writing the opportunity to research any of the year’s topics and compose a creative, dramatic, and futuristic scenario. Length of entry is a maximum of 1,500 words. Winning scenarios are chosen to compete at the International competition.

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Scenario Performance (Individual)

$40.00 per entry

Scenario Performance (ScP) is for students who enjoy telling stories. Students in grades 4-12 are challenged to create a story that is between 4-5 minute duration, set at least 20 years in the future, and arises from any one of the topics set for Scenario Writing in the FPS year. Submission will take the form of a video file of the student delivering an oral telling of their story, undertaken in one take without any edits.

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