The Impact of FPS

Future Problem Solving Program

Foster 21st Century Learning Skills with Future Problem Solving

Future Problem Solving (FPS) teaches students how to think, not what to think. The diverse components offered by Future Problem Solving address the need for problem solving within the curriculum in order for students to prepare effectively for the future in front of them. FPS can also be integrated into all curriculum areas, especially language arts, science, and social studies. Participation in the program strongly supports the development of 21st Century Skills.

21st Century Themes

Students increase their global awareness and explore content related to business & economics, science & technology, and society & politics through the study of a series of current issues projected into the future. As students focus on what is happening in the world today (research) and what might happen in the future (foresight), learning is dynamic and empowering.

Learning and Innovation Skills – The 4 C's

- Creativity and Innovation – Problem solving situations are set in the future to encourage inventive thinking. Students learn to look at situations from a variety of perspectives. Creativity is essential as they generate challenges and develop multiple ideas for solutions to pressing problems.

- Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – Students use analysis to gain an understanding of issues in today’s world and to comprehend the significant aspects of complex situations set in the future. Problem solving skills are applied as they focus on possible solutions and develop Action Plans for those situations.

- Communication and Collaboration – Students collaborate in teams while learning about the issues and while applying their problem solving skills. Clear and articulate communication is developed while working with a team, an essential skill for our future leaders.

Information, Media, and Technology Skills

While studying the issues, students gather information from a wide variety of information and media sources. Under a guidance of a teacher/coach, students work on evaluating and analyzing that information and diverse perspectives are encouraged.

Life and Career Skills

Testimonials from former "FPSers" in multiple countries confirm the value of the content and skills of FPS as tools for lifelong learning. In addition to preparing these students for any future, these skills have had an impact on students' college success, personal decision-making, and career.


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